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michael carson fitness

Rebrand and website redesign project with longevity specialist and celebrity fitness trainer, Michael Carson.


Michael C.



The flowing and timeless nature of his brand is incorporated through the use of the infinity symbol, and reinforced with the color palette of choice. A fully customizable program, we used a secondary image of a double helix to represent how unique ad personalized the method is.

This all comes together wonderfully and is integrated into the initials of his name, to capture the essence of his distinctive approach to fitness.

Michael’s approach to fitness is much like design --
a problem solving process. Everything he shares with his clients is based on reality and longevity, and this is what we worked with.

"When it comes to building your brand, it’s very important that you work with people, and understand your vision and embrace it. That helped to bring it to fruition, and make it even better. Marinate media did those things for me and I highly recommend you hire them to help to do the same for you. Thank you team Marinate."

Michael C.

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