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A home-grown venture that focuses on naturally made and environmentally safe products, rebranding Sabonitas, we thought, should flow organically; and this is exactly what we did for them.





Taking their previous logo into consideration, we went for a word mark and style that captures variations and movement as seen in nature. We veered away from straight and clean cut lines, embraced the fluidity of the type and pushed the word mark to as far as we can abstract it, while still being very much legible and visible.

We took the shape of one of their soaps, and applied the same flowing abstraction to it, to form the icon, molding the circle into an “S.”

We applied the same concept to all of their materials including their product packaging, where we made custom, hand-drawn illustrations, highlighting the natural and safe ingredients that they champion as a brand.

"We are extremely happy and proud of our website! Excellent quality and amazingly fast turn around! We highly recommend working with Marinate Media! "


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