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toko ono

Renowned for its flourishing agriculture and thriving energy sectors, California now proudly hosts Toko Ono's cannabis farm, the pinnacle accomplishment of its founder, Carlos. The recently launched brand is backed by a 20-year-long dedication to the craft. The end product, celebrated for its unmistakable high quality, is grown in a cutting-edge facility.


Toko Ono



We devised a contemporary brand that conveys the premium nature of the product. This brand serves as an enhancement to the product itself. Drawing inspiration from Charly's robust character and origins, we designed a powerful logotype using a crisp, sans-serif typeface that is versatile across various media and applications. The typeface was thoughtfully chosen due to the understated, unique details of its letters. Timeless and modern, the logo is composed of three levels; its application may vary depending on the situation, making it adaptable and dynamic in the brand's communication.

We employed black and white for the packaging to create an impactful high-end sensation of refinement; the usage varies depending on the strain category: a black background for Toko Ono's Select and a white background for Toko Ono's Originals. Additionally, we incorporated green and blue neutral shades into the palette; these exude a sense of balance and offer a sophisticated backdrop that unifies the overall design.

Toko Ono

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